You have questions

The frantic pace of life is leaving you exhausted, frustrated, & stressed.

Indecision has you running in circles.

You've lost direction, question your purpose, and find yourself in a maze with no obvious way out .

You wake up in the middle of the night full of fear.

It leaves you feeling empty. I get it. Why? Because I’ve been there.

I’ve been awake at 2:30 in the morning worrying how I would pay the bills.

At 45, I had my mid-life crisis questioning every decision I had ever made.

I was lost, everything seemed hopeless, and most of all, I felt helpless.

At the lowest point, I found the wisdom of Tarot.

I discovered Tarot is a tool that can be used to learn more about ourselves and how anyone can create a life filled with peace, abundance, and better decisions.

I’m Jhanna Dawson and through my intuitive and empathic coaching abilities, I’m able to connect deeply to your energetic vibration and channel it through the Tarot in order to give you much needed clarity, validation, guidance, and support.

Using Tarot as our guide, we will cut through the bullshit and get down to solving problems, and presenting solutions best for you, your family, your finances, your business, and more.

If you do the work, this results in a life that is calmer, empowers you with choices, and gives you back peaceful sleep filled nights.

Ready to go? Let's go to it.